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AverMed provides emergency medical supplies and medical equipment for
EMS providers. We also provides surgical, respiratory, anesthesia and critical
care products to hospitals, health systems and other patient care facilities worldwide.

Disposable Hydrophobic Bacteria Filter - Gomco LifeForm AED Trainer with Brad CPR Manikin Ferno Stair Chair Model 42 Base Board Iron Duck 35850
Ferno Stair Chair Model 42 w/ ABS Panels
Sale Price: $650.00 (30% OFF)
LIFEPAK CR-T Plus Training System Ferno Stretcher Chair Model 107C stifneck select collar CPR Recording Manikin
CPR Recording Manikin
Price: $2,500.00
Ferno 35-A Ambulance stretcher schuco s430 aspirator schuco s330 aspirator Disposable Hydrophobic Bacteria Filter - Gomco
Automatic Transport Ventilator AHP300 Gastric Drainage Aspirator Gomco Model 6000, 01-72-6000 Laerdal Suction Unit 4 800ml Advantage Emergency Portable Suction Unit LSP L190GR
Capnograph Capnocheck BCI 8401 Basic Buddy CPR Manikin Lifepak CR Plus AED Training bci 3301 hand held pulse oximeter Disposable Bag Valve Mask Resuscitator L770-040
Transport Ventilator Autovent 4000 DeVilbiss 7305P-D Suction Unit Full-Body CPR Manikin with Trauma Options lsp xtra Backboard yellow no-pins